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We are very happy to announce that DIE SPIELER (THE PLAYERS) won the Short Plus Award at the 12. Fünf Seen Festival 2018.

Night Owls

Our short Night Owls will have its world premiere at this years Queer Lisboa festival in Portugal where it is nominated for the European School Short Film Award.

I was granted a travel grant by Step Travel, which is an initiative by the European Cultural Foundation (THANKS SO MUCH). I will write a few updates on my trip and you can follow them on my travel page.



Our short DIE SPIELER (The Players) will be part of the Fünf Seen Festival 2018 and is nominated for the short plus award. 


I shot another short film! CHAOS was created as part of the "One-Shot seminar" at the Berlin Film Academy with Michael Bertl. It will be 04:45 minutes long and we hope to have a short post-production. The film will start it's festival run later this year.



Our film Die Spieler (The Players) will have it's world premiere at the International Filmfest Emden (Germany).

We are more than happy to announce that is nominated for the shortfilm prize.

These are the screening times:

08.06.2018, 11:00 Uhr, vhs Forum, Emden

08.06.2018, 21:30 Uhr, vhs Forum, Emden

10.06.2018, 15:30 Uhr, vhs Forum, Emden

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Lucky Fellow

We are proud to announce that Lucky Fellow is nominated for the documentary price at the 28th Bamberberger Kurzfilmtage.



Our split screen parable HOME is part of the renowned Interfilmfestival 2017 in Berlin. It will be shown as part of the Split Screen series.

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Lucky Fellow

Lucky Fellow is Part of the 8th Green Culture Zagreb and will play in the Green Fest. 65 films are in competition and will be shown November 14th-17th in Zagreb.


Lucky Fellow was awarded with the outstanding Achievement in Documentary FIlmmaking in the Autumn SHorts FilmF estival in Kentucky, USA 2017. 


I shot a new short film, "Night Owls" as part of the "Liebesszenen"-seminar (love scenes) at the dffb. Every short had to involve sex in some sense. We are in the midst of editing and expext the film to be finished in 6-8 weeks. Once again the great Valentin Erb was in front of the camera, as well as my long time friend and great theater actor Maik Solbach.


Our documentary "Glückskind" ran at the 28th Emden international Filmfest, Germany, as part of the "Filmfest meets Einstein" competition. 


"HEIMAT" is selected and part of the short film contest of the Durban International FIlm festival in South Africa, July 2017.


"Glückskind" is selected for the Art All Night Festival on Trenton in New Jersay, USA, June 2017.


"HEIMAT" is part of the Tlanchana Fest international short film competition in Mexico, April 2017.


Our short documentary "Glückskind" won the international Documentary short film award 2017 in Leiria (Portugal)! We are more than happy...


Our short documentary "Glückskind" is part of the Leira Film Festival in Portugal in March 2017 in the International Documentary Short Film contest.


Our Film HEIMAT will be shown at the Muestra de Palencia Festival 2017 in Spain as part of the international shortfilm contest.

In April HEIMAT will be part of the Independent Film Days Festival 2017 in Karlsruhe Germany.  

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My first video essay

Nightcrawler is a very complex film and this deconstruction is an attempt to analyze Dan Gilroys and Robert Elswits methods. This video examines the visual concepts that were applied, with a particular focus on staging and framing.


The Players

We just finished shooting my latest short film, "The Players". It is a 20 minute parable about play instinct and freedom and representative as my 4th year project at the Berlin film academy. We shot 7 days in Berlin and 1 day in Münster.

You can find some impressions in the photos section.

Cast - Valentin Erb - Aykut Kayacic - Björn von der Wellen - Burak Yigit - Ernest Hausmann - Kai Maertens - and others

Director of Photography - Lukas Eylandt

Production - Tamara Erbe & Tobias Gaede

We expect the film to be finished early-mid 2017.


My 3rd year project, "Mama" at the Berlin film academy is currently on the festival circuit and will later appear here on the website. 

Cast - Katharina Heyer - Cornelia Köndgen - Horst-Günther Marx

Director - Samuel Auer

Director of Photography - Paul Näther

Production - Tobias Gaede