This our Shortfilm for the 99fire Film Award in Berlin 2013. We had no more than 99 hours to produce a 99 seconds short. In 2011 our Team won the Audience Award at the same event. We shot on a Sony Fs 100.

Director - Samuel Auer

Director of Photography - Jim Cramer

Production - Roxana Richters - Caspar Schirdewahn

Story - Tom Pürstinger - Joschua Fink

Cast - Christian Holdt - Caroline Schupa - Martin Langebeck - Jörn Hentschel

This is a short film I shot as part of a lightning course at the Berlin film academy in my first year. It was shot on a ARRI SR3 on 16mm as a silent film. The "story" is inspired by the great Melville-classic "Le cerlce rouge".

Cast - Christian Holdt - Martin Langenbeck - Caspar Schirdewahn - Dirk Werkmeister

Director - Samuel Auer

Director of Photography - Susanne Heinrich

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